Dermal Filler Course Liverpool

At Genius, we are experts in aesthetics, meaning that we are in prime position to train practitioners in administering dermal fillers on clients, making sure you will able to complete the task at hand with the highest accuracy and attention to detail. Located in Wigan, we are in prime position for practioners in Liverpool looking for a dermal filler training course. Just over 22 miles away from Liverpool, we are just over 40-minutes’ drive away and can be reached by train in around half an hour.

Discover our range of courses offered to those based in Liverpool from our website. As part of our course programme, we can provide training in everything from a dermal filler diploma to an advanced Botulinum Toxin course. Not only do we offer Botulinum and filler training to Liverpool customers, but we also have specialist courses on Mesotherapy, and the Hyperboost skin rejuvenation system. In order to encourage the safest practice amongst beauty therapists, we also provide courses in CPR, anaphylaxis and first aid awareness to Liverpool clients. We are now offering Qualifi Level 5 and Level 7 in aesthetic practices.

You can book online training and our selection of courses from our shop, as well as read the literature about each treatment option. Additionally, we stock all the practical equipment you need, including syringe pensdermal fillers, various serums, and a range of equipment for home care. We also offer Genius novelty syringes for marketing purposes, as well as all the PPE you could need, such as essential sharps containers for used needles. Current essentials for use at your salon when open during the pandemic also includes thermometers and face shields. Liverpool customers can also benefit from spreading the price of any courses and product packages through Idea 4 Finance.

If you’re based in Liverpool and would like to find out more about how you can discover aesthetics products near you or benefit from our range of dermal filler training courses, get in touch today and we will be glad to help with any queries you may have for us.

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