MyFiller Revitalize Online Training

MyFiller Revitalize Online Training

Please have with you a pen and paper and make notes, once you move to the next step before receiving your certificate, as soon as the quiz starts you won’t be able to access this video during your test.


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Find below the times for each segment in the video to help you navigate your way back if necessary.

1. Introduction (Start-9:10)

2. MyFiller Revitalise Pure (9:10-30:35)

3. MyFiller Revitalise Vitamins (30:35-42:35)

4. MyFiller Revitalise Body (42:35-50:45)

5. MyFiller Revitalise Slim (50:45-1:02:18)

6. MyFiller Revitalise White Skin (1:02:18-1:13:09)

7. MyFiller Revitalise Hair (1:13:09-1:29:35)

8. MyFiller Revitalise Booster (1:29:35-1:39:46)

9. Aftercare and training (1:39:46-1:50:32)


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