Advanced Dermal Filler (Cannula) Theory

advanced dermal filler

Advanced Dermal Filler (Cannula) Theory


You will learn how to administer dermal fillers into the whole face using a cannula. Practitioners and clients prefer cannula technique as it reduces the number of injection points and is much less invasive than needle technique. The cannula is a blunt flexible needle which dramatically reduces the risk of vascular occlusion whilst having the ability to treat the whole face with fewer injection points and reduce trauma to the skin. You will be required to complete all modules to gain your Certificate of Achievement.

Module 1 – Anatomy and Physiology revision

Module 2 – Understanding needle vs cannula and how to decide which to choose

Module 3 – 3 / 5 / 7-point liquid facelift

Module 4 – Practical session – working on live models.

This training includes a full kit of all the products and accessaries you will require for your 20 case studies worth over £1000

Training is £1500 plus vat

Requirements to train:

-MUST hold a medical degree (including doctor, dentists, pharmacists and HCP)

-MUST hold a valid certificate in level 4 Anatomy & Physiology and have over 12 months advanced skin needling experience or equivalent

-MUST hold a valid certificate in foundation dermal fillers and intermediate dermal filler (full face with needle) for a minimum of 4 months

Email if you require any more information on requirements for training once your course is booked you will be emailed to send over your certification before receiving your pre course reading.

*Please note you will not be eligible for a refund or to rearrange course dates unless Lipology is notified within one week of the course start date, please refer to our Terms & Conditions in regards to our refund policies and all other information

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