FREE Online Video Business Planning For Clinics & Salons

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FREE Online Video Business Planning For Clinics & Salons

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On behalf of the Lipology®️ Academy team we hope you, your family and your colleagues are all safe & well.

As we face challenging times ahead our team want to help strengthen other businesses within our industry.

When things get back to normality you will need the tools to help you:

– reconnect with clients

– fill your appointment book

– bring in revenue

The training will help you with this, remember that your clients aren’t going to abandon you, on the contrary, they will be keener than ever to book an appointment. Clients will miss all the lovely treatments they are used to enjoying, they will want to ‘treat’ themselves to boost their morale and look/feel fabulous… after all – that’s why they come to see you in the first place isn’t it?

We have been inundated with requests for this free online training which is an indicator of the level of anxiety you’re all feeling in these uncertain & challenging times.

Our team wanted to give you something helpful which will give your business a much needed boost – we must prepare for the day when restrictions are lifted and salons & clinics will be swamped with bookings.

This video is about reviewing the way you set prices for your services. In market research studies we have found that an overwhelming majority of practitioners and therapists have not reviewed their BUSINESS PLAN since they first opened with most of them having NO BUSINESS PLAN in place at all.

One beauty therapist actually believed that she had “no overheads” because she was mobile! We sent her the module, on completion she discovered it was costing her hundreds of pounds per year just to stay open for business.

This is not uncommon.

A hairdresser recently reported a client who was booking in frequently to change her extensions every month. The hairdresser was only charging her for the actual extensions but removing/reattaching them for free…

“she’s a nice lady so I don’t like to charge her”

when we delved into the business overheads we calculated that the client was

costing the business £2,500 per year!

It’s more important than ever that you know exactly how much it costs you to ‘open your salon/clinic door’. As you work through the video you will be asked to calculate your own overheads and service charges. This takes time so grab a pen, a calculator and a pad and lets get going….

Give yourself time to complete the module, you will need to pause the video and find certain information about your business such as rent/rates/wages/utility costs etc. in order to reach your final figures but we guarantee, once you get to that stage you will feel more confident and less anxious. You’ll have the ability to really get to grips with readjusting your prices if necessary and moving your business forward into the Summer month’s when demand for your services will undoubtedly be high.

The Covid19 pandemic WILL come to an end, when it does we will be ready. Let’s make sure you hit the ground running when it does.

You can pause the video whenever you need to so it’s really easy to work through it and you can re-visit it at any time.

By the end of the module you will have a much clearer idea of where your business is in terms of costings & most importantly, where it needs to be in order to progress and be successful.


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