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Our new technique has been designed following rigorous testing and market research over many years by our team of experts at the academy and in collaboration with the U.K.’s leading insurance providers.

Our team are proud to announce that LIP GENIUS®, a new injection technique, will be launched in the UK giving practitioners more peace of mind when delivering lip augmentation treatments and offering clients a more comfortable, safer experience with beautiful results, more accurate product administration and much less post-treatment trauma.

How did the LipGenius®️ come about?

Initially it became apparent that changes were needed, the team were getting more & more requests for help from practitioners across the United Kingdom from all backgrounds who were feeling anxious about the possibility that they could cause a serious vascular problem when injecting dermal fillers.

When you stop to think about it … the traditional syringe was never designed to be suitable for the kind of intricate work involved in aesthetic treatments. The plunger is compressed by the practitioner’s thumb, this causes variants, the amount of product administered depends on their ability to manage the tiny movements that are often required to get the desired results. This is especially relevant when we look at how lip augmentation is performed. Tiny droplets or tubes of dermal filler are pushed into the lip tissue to add volume or shape to the lip using tiny movements. A tricky process and one that many practitioners, even those with a wealth of experience using needles, report they struggled with.

The next thing to master is the withdrawal of the needle as product is deposited. Another delicate procedure which can often lead to mis-shaped results, poor symmetry & lumps or bumps in the lips.

Catherine, CEO & the creative force behind Lipology® Academy Ltd. was aware that this system of filler delivery was by far the most difficult element of training, most students struggled to grasp it during their Dermal Filler courses and it was this that brought students back for additional training above any other aspect of the course. Students reported struggling to ‘juggle’ the variables when treating lips.

  • Watching the needle positioning
  • Checking the speed of the plunger as they pushed it
  • Maintaining a steady flow of product
  • Making sure that the filler was deposited in the correct position
  • Maintaining symmetry
  • Ensuring that the same amount was placed equally in each section

Add to this the high risk of inadvertently positioning the tip of the needle in an artery causing blockage by the filler, a thick gel, which in turn would starve the tissues anterior to the blockage to perish (necrosis). It is more important than ever that practitioners are trained to use techniques that drastically reduce the chance of this happening LipGenius®️ is the only technique of its kind to address this serious issue and give clinicians the ability to offer a much safer alternative to traditional thumb push techniques

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