Revitalize Essence

Revitalize Essence

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A new concept has been added to the range – Revitalize Essence is the future of mesotherapy. It has an optimised potential to hydrate the tissues with added cross-link technology to give much longer lasting results, this new serum is set to revolutionise the mesotherapy industry. Cross-linking increases the resistance of hyaluronic acid molecules to the body’s degradation rate therefore allowing them to remain in-situ for an extended time and giving patients an improved result for longer.

Revitalize Essence has been developed by the My Med experts in response to the need for a long-lasting bio-revitalization product. It has both high & low-density molecules perfectly balanced to give optimum hydration coupled with a robust viscosity for added support within the dermis. This combination makes it a ‘hybrid’ offering clients the rejuvenating properties of a top-quality mesotherapy serum whilst physically smoothing wrinkles & skin imperfections in the same way that dermal fillers work within the tissues. Product for topical use, not suitable for injection.

Packaging: 2 vials, 5 ml each.

Indication: For all skin types requiring hydration & regeneration. Restores elasticity to the skin & promotes

longer lasting collagen production.

Application: Face, neck, hands, décolletage, arms, tummy, thighs & any area that requires rejuvenation.

Administration: all mesotherapy techniques including microneedling, electroporation, ultrasound, iontophoresis and nappage. Using Revitalize Pen considerably speed up the results. Can be mixed with the other Revitalize serums to enhance performance (except Revitalize Booster).