Revitalize Pure Serum

Revitalize Pure Serum

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What is it?

Revitalize Pure is a mesotherapy serum. It is one of the seven award-winning, organic serums range by MyMed.

What does it treat?

Revitalize Pure is used to treat active acne, acne marks, scars and other skin imperfections. It can also be used as a skin booster. It can be applied to face and body

How does it work?

Revitalize Pure contains a mixture of ingredients to repair and regenerate skin texture. Sodium Hyaluronate 12 mg/ml provides super hydration and reduces trans-epidermal water loss, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance. Hydrolyzed Collagen 5% encourages the skin’s natural collagen building, reducing textures and tonality. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial, helping to clean the skin from the inside out.

How much do I get?

A box contains 5x 5ml vials.



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