Lip Augmentation Training

Lip Augmentation Training

If you are a licenced medical professional that would like to learn how to provide an aesthetics service using dermal fillers, then you have come to the right place.  We are an award-winning training academy, with the skills and CPD training needed to present a superior level of teaching, making the learning process easier with clear training methods, enhanced teaching techniques, and continued support throughout your journey.  We have many courses available, but this article will highlight the benefits of, and what you can expect from, our lip augmentation training courses.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Augmentation literally means “an action that increases something in size or amount”.  However, rather than just a simple action that increases the volume of a person’s lips, this training is all about providing a service that will enhance a person aesthetics in a way that meets their individual needs.  For example, the shape of the face, and the look of the lips before any cosmetic procedure is applied should always have a bearing on the way you administer the treatment.

Lip enhancement is becoming increasingly popular.  Whereas in times past people could only manage to achieve a minimal result by purchasing shop bought cosmetics and applying home beauty regimes, modern innovative techniques paired with the expert training offered by professional training facilities and teachers, has made it easier than ever for people to have their lip’s augmented and plumped, with clear results for all to see.

However, due to the popularity of this procedure, some clients may then book in with an inferior practitioner who, perhaps through no fault of their own, have not been given lip augmentation training at the standard required to achieve the great results that each client will understandably demand.  Not only does Lipology provide amazing training for beginners in this field, but we now have a retrain programme available for our students.  This means that it really does matter to us, the teachers and training professionals, that you have exactly what you need to provide this treatment as part of your own service competently and confident in the knowledge and wisdom that we will impart.

What does the Course Entail?

During our lip augmentation course, UK students will look at the biology of the face.  This will help each beautician to understand how the anatomy works, and what is needed to keep a person’s face, skin and lips healthy.  In that way, you will know why certain injection techniques are used to enhance them in the ways required by each of your future clients.

More specifically, you will learn how to enhance the cupid’s brow of the lips, and improve on the definition, providing an even and fuller set.  You will learn about the lip to eye relationship, that provides balance to the face, resulting in enhancing much more than just a person’s lips.  You will also see where is it best to enlarge, using these dermal fillers.

If you have been looking for a ‘lip augmentation course near me’, then contact us today.  We celebrate the innovative science behind providing truly beautiful fuller lips.

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